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I'm using this multi-purpose web site to promote a variety of things. I dabble in writing, primarily science fiction and fantasy, and I design web sites. As you can see from this site, I design simple, basic web sites that are not cluttered and overwhelming. They are good looking (at least I think they are!), are easy to navigate, and they get your information out there for everyone to see.. Follow the link below or the menu to the left to learn more about how I can help you get a presence on the internet!


A little about my writing... I write speculative fiction, which encompasses all literatures of the fantastic and nonexistent. Fantasy and science fiction each deal with specific forms of speculative fiction, and I have written stories in both forms. Follow the link below or the menu to the left to learn more about my status as an amateur writer...



Web Site Design is one of the hobbies of which I partake. It's fun, and I like to see what I can do with the design process and implementation of a web site. I do basic, functional web sites. Nothing elaborate or too high tech, but you have a good looking, functional site to work with... Learn more »


I have played around with writing, taking a couple of writing classes at Wayne State College, and have several short stories written and the start of a book (or two). I've won a couple of local writing contests, and actually sold one story that was online, but they no longer have it archived. My first book, Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories, is being published by the WSC Press and now I'm looking at taking up writing again! Learn more »


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